Bunting, Eve

About the author

Anne Evelyn Bunting (b.1928) was born in Ireland, to a poetry loving father who read poetry to her from a young age, and a mother who started a library in Maghera, the village where the family lived. They emigrated to America in 1958. After moving to California, Eve took a creative writing course, and wrote her first book, The Two Giants, a re-telling of an Irish legend. She is a writer who has ranged over a considerable number of genres: picture books, novels and non fiction, and has tackled difficult issues head on. Her books look at racism, death, bullying, and that taboo of our age, obesity. These can be seen in her horse books, of which I’ve found five. There may well be more.

Finding the books
All are easy to find second hand.

Links and sources
Scholastic on Eve Bunting (link no longer works)
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Bibliography (horse books only)

Going Against Cool Calvin

Scholastic Book Services, New York, 1978

Jay’s friends like to beat up Mexicans trying to get over the border fence, Jay’s feeling about the whole thing change after he and his horse Blue almost drown in the sea.

Dream Dancer

Child’s World Inc, 1992, illus Duane Krych

A young girl hits upon a plan to save both her grandfather and an old horse from retirement.

Lady’s Girl

Child’s World Inc, 1992, illus Duane Krych

When their mare dies giving birth, it is up to Jenny to save the foal’s life.

Ride When You’re Ready

Child’s World Inc, 1992, illus Duane Krych

Overweight Pat is used to losing out to the thin, pretty girls at school. Pat is excited to enter her palomino, Gold Dust in their first horse show, but when Pat sees a beautiful girl on silver-white horse, the old self-consciousness returns.

The Wild Horses

Child’s World Inc, 1992, illus Duane Krych