Brown, Leigh

About the author

Leigh Brown (1939–98) produced the Jean Shepherd Show, and co-owned Staggerwing Productions. She married Jean Shepherd, her second husband, in 1977. Leigh Brown rode professionally, and was a member of the Professional Horseman’s Association. She wrote one novel, as far as I am aware, Show Gypsies. This is a funny and accurate portrayal of life on the American A Circuit, and is aimed at adults. The book is much loved by those who have read it, and it seems ripe for republishing.

Finding the book
Not published in the UK; the book is scarce and expensive in the USA

Links and sources
Leigh Brown and Jean Shepherd (link no longer extant)
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Bibliography (horse books only)

The Show Gypsies

Mason Charter, New York, 1975, 354 pp

Diane Gallagher, with her trainer Dave MacKenzie, decides to go for a horse show career. Based in the world of the American A circuit, in the 1970s, with “hard work, hard drinking and endless travelling,” Diane aims for the United States Equestrian team.