Brock, Para Lee

About the author

Para Lee Brock worked in television and radio, and produced The 4-H Showcase. This programme featured animals of all sorts, but Para Lee Brock’s particular love was horses, which of course feature in Sahani. The book is set in the Smokies, which Para Lee Brock knew well, having hiked and ridden the trails many times. One of the characters in Sahani was also based on reality: Miss Marlin was inspired by a New York-based friend of the author’s. The horse, Sahani, is however, entirely imaginary.

Finding the book
Very easy to find.

Links and sources
Many thanks to Lisa Catz for the photograph.
Thank you to Inez Roskos, who illustrated Sahani, for the biographical information.

Bibliography (horse books only)


Peachtree Pubishers, Atlanta, 1981, 189 pp, illus Inez Cavender Roskos

This is the story of a beautiful blue horse and his owner who journey from New York to the Great Smokey Mountains.