Briggs, Doug

About the author

Doug Briggs is an author about whom I have been able to find out virtually nothing. As far as I know, he has produced this one horse book. He has also written on self protection and the gun laws of Texas.

Finding the book
Easy to find. It looks as if there was a limited edition produced with a red bandana and an accompanying leaflet on 24 ways of using it. The book wasn’t published in the UK.

Links and sources
Thanks to Lisa Catz for the photograph and information.

Bibliography (horse books only)

Old Black

Beverly Pub, Houston, 1997, 387 pp, illus Edsel M Cramer, Monique L Jouannet, and
Jean-Claude Louis

Old Black is 18, a Quarter Horse, World Champion calf-roping horse. His owner, Buck Jones, becomes ill, and finds a new home for the horse with 10 year old Jim Bradley, who will show Old Black in youth horse shows. Although not as fast as he once was, the horse still has plenty of brain. When the horse recovers from an accident, Jim shows him in halter classes. He keeps on entering
him in classes, until Old Black triumphs again during the largest youth Quarter Horse Show of them all.