Bowden, Joan Chase

About the author

Joan Bowden (Joan Chase Bowden, b.1925) was born in London, and lived in the United States from 1960. She was a prolific author, with over sixty books to her name. Under the name Kathryn Kenny, she was responsible (as were several others) for titles in the long running Trixie Belden series. A versatile writer, Bowden wrote a conservation series looking at what the world would be like without some of its larger mammals: tigers, elephants and rhinos. At least one of her books, A New Home for Snow Ball (1974), involves horses.

Finding the book
Can be tricky to track down.

Links and sources
Joan Chase Bowden as an author of the Trixie Belden series
Terri Wear: Horse Stories, an Annotated Bibliography, Scarecrow, 1987

Bibliography (horse books only)

A New Home for Snow Ball

Golden Press, 1974, illus Jan Pyk

Snow Ball needs a new home, and King Max plans to find one for her. He promises he
will give Snow Ball to the person who comes up with the best words for her.