Bartlett, Arthur C

About the author

Arthur C Bartlett (1901–64) was a man keen on dogs. Although he wrote three horse books, he turned in at least ten children’s dog stories. They are splendidly named: there’s Sergeant Squiffy, Army Dog and Pal, the Story of a Dog Who Lived Up to his Name. His three horse stories aren’t named with quite the same vim, though Game-Legs, the Story of a Horse with a Heart, is not too far off.

Finding the books
All are easy to find in the USA, and not generally expensive. General Jim and Game-Legs are available as print-on-demand, and you can now find second hand copies of these cheaply.

Links and sources
National Library of Congress
Terri Wear: Horse Stories – An Annotated Bibliography

Bibliography (horse books only)

Game-Legs, the Biography of a Horse with a Heart

W A Wilde Co, Chicago, 1928, 292 pp, illus Harold C Cue

Jimmy Burbank can only walk with the help of two sticks. He has much fellow feeling for a filly foal born with legs that won’t support her, and he pleads for her life. She rewards him by becoming a fine driving horse.

General Jim, the Story of a Horse

W A Wilde Co, Chicago, 1931, 292 pp, cover Harold Cue
(might also have been printed by Cupples & Leon – sources differ on this one)

Tubby has several schemes in mind to raise money to buy a horse, but when he finds a horse he wants, he has to win the mayor’s prize at school so that he can finish paying for his trotting horse.

4-H Cowboy

W A Wilde Company, Boston, MA, 1938