Amateau, Gigi

About the author

Gigi Amateau was born in Mississippi in 1964, and was educated at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she studied urban studies and planning. Her first book for young adults was Claiming Georgia Tate (2005), and she has written several well received YA novels since. In 2012, she received a Theresa Pollak Prize for Excellence in the Arts from Richmond Magazine. She is a keen rider (and loves riding in the mountains). One of her novels, Chancey of the Maury River, features horses. It has been published both in the USA and the UK.

Finding the book
Easy to find, and is still in print both in the UK and USA.

Links and sources
Gigi Amateau’s website
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Bibliography (horse books only)

Chancey of the Maury River

Candlewick Press, 2008, 246 pp
Walker Books Ltd, London, 2009, 254 pp
Candlewick Press, pb, 2010

A comet crosses the sky when Chancey is born, a sign that ahorse of great beauty and wisdom has been born. Chancy though is albino, and has health problems. He works as a riding school horse, but is then abandoned in a field and neglected before finding a new life in another stables, Mrs Maiden’s Maury River Stables. Chancey learns to love and trust again as he bonds with his new rider, Claire, a girl who has also suffered loss. When his sight worsens, he becomes a therapy horse, and he and Claire help Trevor, who has cancer, to have the the experience of being a champion.