Adler, C S

About the author

C S Adler (Carole S Adler) has written over 40 children’s books. Before becoming a full time writer, she was an English teacher. She moved to Tucson, Arizona in 1996, having lived most of her life in New York, and it was then that she started writing about horses. She has written three horse stories, all about girls in their early teenage years, and with ranch settings.

Finding the books
The books appear still to be in print if you want to buy new ones. That Horse Whiskey is easy to find in paperback and hard back, and More Than a Horse and One Unhappy Horse are both very easy to find. None of the books had a UK publication, but are all easy to find, and not too expensive, in America.

Links and sources
C S Adler’s website
Many thanks to Lisa Catz for all her help with the photographs.

Bibliography (horse books only)

That Horse Whiskey

Clarion Books, New York, 1994, 152 pp
Camelot, 1996

Lainey’s father has promised to buy her a horse for her 13th birthday, but her birthday comes, and there is no horse. She eventually finds out this is because there are money troubles, and she then determines to earn money and sort out her own problems. She makes a deal with the owner of a ranch to reform a problem horse.

More Than a Horse

Clarion Books, New York, 1997, 188 pp
Houghton & Mifflin, 2001

Lee-Ann’s mother decides to take a job on an Arizona ranch. She quickly makes friends with some of the other children riding at the ranch, but then she annoys the ranch foreman so much she is banned from the stables. Just when she manages to win him round, her mother decides they must return to North Carolina.

One Unhappy Horse

Clarion Books, New York, 2000, 156 pp
Thorndike Juvenile Press, 2001 (Large Print)

Set on a ranch in Tucson Arizona, the heroine, Jan, thinks her mother doesn’t love her. Her father has died, and she has no friends, no money, and her horse is limping. There is no money for the vital operation the horse, Dove, needs, and everything seems hopeless until Jan makes a friend of Mattie, who lives in a retirement home nearby.