Sea Ponies

Sea Ponies is a wonderful holiday story set by the sea. Poor Roger has not been able to go away with his parents because of his ill health, and so he must stay with his Aunt Matilda. Aunt Matilda has firm opinions on many things, and Roger lives a sad and restricted life, until he meets Chris, and Bunch, and Miss Rhoda and their ponies, dogs, cats and rabbits. First published in 1935, this story was based on the life one of the authors lived herself on the Sussex coast.

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Originally published: 1935


An attractive cover and an interesting introductions and a book that's very much of its time. Some of the information is outdated now eg leaning back when jumping but fits with the old-fashioned feel of the book. It has a variety of characters (human, equine,dog and goat though I think that the humans are quite two dimensional) , a slightly weird (by today's standards) setting and there's a good plot. A good book for pony book nostalgia. (Dawn)