Show Jumping Secret

Charles has had polio, which has left him with a damaged leg. Riding, he is told, will help. And so Charles tries to learn to ride on his cousins’ horses. It is a while since Charles had any lessons, but he soon finds out there is a difference between how he was taught and what his cousins are telling him to do. Fortunately, Charles finds a riding school which teaches him a better way, and at the riding school he finds the grey mare, Secret. Can Charles and Secret overcome their problems and enter the Foxhunter show jumping classes?

Originally published: 1955


One of my childhood favourites – fun, realistic (relatively!) and a little bit educational. I even named a horse “Secret" because of this book.
Kindle customer

I read this book as a child and felt a little guilty that I enjoyed reading it so much as an ‘old lady’ in my 50’s!!!!! Really thrilled to find it again after so many years ….. and to enjoy reading it as much now as I did then!
Mrs C Furlong