One Day Event

Mrs Van Cutler’s opinion is worth having, says the Major to his nephew, Henry. But Mrs Van Cutler did not like Henry’s dressage test, not at all. “Oh lord," said Henry. “Have you ever seen so many fours?" Major Holbrooke offers to do a course for Henry and the Pony Club to improve their generally dismal performances, but it will be an eventing course and not just dressage. And at the end, there will be a One Day Event.

The Pony Club members tackle this in their usual fashion. Christopher is convinced he already knows it all; Noel is convinced she knows nothing and never will. June is allergic to any mention of the forward seat. Evelyn charges round at full and lethal speed, sure that a good hunting seat will get her through, and whatever she does, it has to be better than Marion, who is too scared to venture out of a trot.

But at the end of the course, everyone, no matter who, has to do that One Day Event.

The paperback has all the original Sheila Rose illustrations; the eBook is not illustrated.


Brilliant. Josephine P-T was so good at spinning an interesting, captivating story, yet all the while disseminating so much useful information. The best sort of pony story. [AD]

LOVE IT. [Adrienne]