I Had Two Ponies

“I don't want to spend the Easter holidays grooming a beastly muddy pony."

When Christabel's father says “All right" to this, she doesn't expect that anything will happen. But it does. He sells her ponies. Christabel gets over it pretty quickly, but then she goes to stay with the Westlakes while her parents are away. It's never fun when you realise that people don't think very much of you, and the worst of it is, Christabel begins to agree with them. And she comes to bitterly regret selling her ponies. But will she ever be able to find them again? In a pre-internet age, it's not easy.

Note: the paperback is fully illustrated, with all the original Anne Bullen drawings. The eBook is not illustrated.

Originally published: 1947


Another terrific story republished by Jane Badger Books that I've enjoyed from the lovely cover to the end. The story trots along nicely with the spoilt little rich (and quite shallow) Christabel becoming a much nicer pony person with adventures along the way. There is a good mix of characters – none of whom are perfect paragons.Whether the story would appeal to today's teens I don't know but if you like pony stories of this time you will probably enjoy this… Josephine Pullein Thompson fans will definitely enjoy it.