It is wartime, and Jean Leslie has had to leave school – not something that she regrets for one moment. But Jean’s father has joined the Army, children and their families have moved away from cities to the country, and animal feedstuffs are expensive and difficult to get. Jean comes back from school to a different world, one in which she needs to do more than just keep her mother company.

After a chance encounter with a child who has been bought a pony she can’t ride, Jean finds herself with a pupil. And so, as more children clamour for tuition, Jean starts a riding school with her friend Judy.

The book is filled with children’s experiences with ponies, and with family dynamics, and they are universal.

This book was written during World War II, and it reflects the attitudes and laws of the time, when hunting was legal.

Available as an eBook, and as a fully illustrated paperback.

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I read the Jean books 45 years ago and was delighted to find them in Kindle. Still as charming as they were all those years ago. (Amazon customer)