I Wrote a Pony Book

Alison is at boarding school. There is no love lost between Alison and her English teacher, and when Miss Boddington sarcastically suggests she writes a book, Alison decides that is just what she will do. Should she write something with her school-friends, or write an historical adventure herself? Or write about what she knows? Alison goes for ponies. Writing a book is tough, particularly when you are at school, and the people you thought were friends turn out not to be. But Alison is a true Cannan heroine. She goes her own way, and she works to achieve what she wants.

The book's author, Joanna Cannan, takes some entertaining swipes at the pony-book genre, and if you've read any of her daughters' output (she was the mother of the Pullein-Thompson sisters) you can entertain yourself by spotting their titles in amongst those at which Joanna pokes fun. I Wrote a Pony Book is also a wry look at schoolgirl friendships and the strains of going home for the holidays, and is one of the few books to combine the school and pony book genres successfully.

Originally published: 1950

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Thank you Jane Badger for e-publishing this book. I loved it! (Clemmie)