Gaze at the Moon

When the letter came to say that we had been allotted a council house, two of us … were broken-hearted. The broken-hearted ones were my father and me.

Dinah and her family are moving from the country to the town, to a house that has mod-cons but nowhere to walk that smells of the woods and where you can see fields. What Dinah loves is the countryside, and horses, and painting. Her family don't always share her views, particularly her step-sister's deliciously awful boyfriend, Clive. But Dinah goes her own way. She carries on painting, and even finds somewhere she can ride. How Dinah forges her own path makes this a story that is just as involving as when it was first published in 1957.

Originally published: 1957

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I Wrote a Pony Book


A likeable, talented young artist and a variety of characters – human and equine – together with a well paced storyline make an enjoyable read. The lovely cover draws you in and then the story takes over. I personally don't think it's the best book by this author but it was enjoyable and a bit different and I will read it again. (Dawn)