Jill quiz – the answers

1. If you ever see a mauve-coloured pony loose in the New Forest, it is probably Happy Dawn Pony Jobs for Jill

2. Tschiffely’s Ride is a book you ought to read Jill Has Two Ponies

3. An ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory Jill Enjoys Her Ponies

4. A double show number was usually lucky for Jill Jill and the Perfect Pony

5. If you see a stranger coming, throw a brick at him Rosettes for Jill

6. The onlooker sees most of the game Pony Jobs for Jill

7. Mrs Crosby is no relation to Bing Jill Has Two Ponies

8. January is not a flush month for eggs Jill’s Gymkhana

9. Mirabelle didn’t get a pony because her mother decided it turns children into hooligans Jill and the Perfect Pony

10. You will be Less Good When Showing Off Rosettes for Jill

11. Blue is an acceptable colour to paint a stable, providing you know when to stop Rosettes for Jill

12. A boy always shows off when he is with girls Jill Enjoys Her Ponies

13. Look-you-now is Welsh for Gosh! (This would probably be considered border-line racist now) Jill’s Gymkhana

14. There are horse people and there are dog people Rosettes for Jill

15. Should a judge ask you how you’d know whether your pony had a temperature, it isn’t a good idea to say, I expect my groom would tell me Jill and the Perfect Pony

16. Pea green with yellow squiggles does not a thing of beauty make Pony Jobs for Jill

17. If Jill were Mrs Crosby’s girl things would be different, that they would Jill Has Two Ponies

18. A gift of a book token shows the giver has the right idea. Rosettes for Jill

19. You could learn an awful lot by watching the show jumping at Harringay on the television Jill and the Perfect Pony

20. James Bush had a mare called Maureen Jill Has Two Ponies

21. You shouldn’t spend money on yourself that you mother has given you for something else Jill’s Gymkhana

22. Having a ‘milk-chocolaty voice’ is actually a thing Jill’s Riding Club

23. There isn’t much to be said for living a life of sordid deception Jill and the Perfect Pony

24. Not all wheat flakes are the same Jill’s Gymkhana

25. Never assume that the gallons of fruit cup that is just standing about in the larder is just waiting for you to drink it Jill Enjoys Her Ponies

26. It is bad manners to write Xmas Jill’s Gymkhana

27. The Three Fats was a perfectly acceptable chapter title in 1952 Jill Has Two Ponies

28. Ponies don’t like having their names changed Jill Has Two Ponies

29. If George wanted an ice cream before a competition, he just had to have it Jill Enjoys Her Ponies

30. You can look as glum as a penguin Jill and the Perfect Pony

31. It was rumoured that Clarissa Dandleby had planned to ride at a gymkhana in a pink shirt with an orange tie Jill’s Riding Club

32. The Cholly-Sawcutts had a girl groom called Pansy Jill’s Riding Club

33. The height of richness is a stable yard with an archway and a clock Jill and the Perfect Pony

34. In 1949 the local police would happily track down a man who had legitimately bought a Paisley shawl and a Pyrex dish at a Bring and Buy Sale, and make him return them Jill’s Gymkhana

35. Waist-long ringlets are no longer considered de-rigueur when riding Jill’s Gymkhana

36. Fish is Mrs Darcy’s way of saying Rot Jill Has Two Ponies

37. Ripping out all the rubbish from your garden shed, hoping to discover a cobbled stable with a manger and hayloft hiding there, doesn’t always end in disappointment Jill’s Gymkhana

38. It isn’t just stable doors that need bolting to prevent equine escapes – the same principle applies to open windows and purple-ringed ducks Jill Has Two Ponies

39. People who muck out stables and groom ponies have not the sort of hands that manicure sets can do anything for Jill’s Gymkhana

40. You can’t hide a parcel of six woollen vests under a hedge for a few days without them succumbing to damp Jill’s Gymkhana

41. There will be wet Saturday afternoons, during which there is nothing to do except sit around and argue about what you are going to do Jill’s Riding Club

42. However improbable it may seem, it is perfectly possible for a letter to knock over a coffee pot Jill Enjoys Her Ponies

43. It is always easier to see The Bright Side for other people than it is for yourself A Stable for Jill

44. Even though there may be millions of paddocks lying around doing nothing, it doesn’t mean someone will want to let you use one of theirs Jill’s Riding Club

45. Psyche is not pronounced fish Jill’s Pony Trek

46. People used to leave all their horses in India A Stable for Jill

47. Jill’s mum is a member of the Women’s Institute Jill Has Two Ponies

48. Even at forty, you may not be too old to enjoy life Jill’s Gymkhana

49. At five bob, Dinah Dean’s first half-hour’s riding lesson cost exactly the same as mine did Jill Enjoys Her Ponies

50. Nobody actually thinks that he or she is a drip Jill’s Riding Club

51. Clarissa Dandleby looked like the sort of person who would win any war single-handed, being a born shover Jill Enjoys Her Ponies

52. A girl can’t learn too young to run a house. Apparently Pony Jobs for Jill

53. A 30-year-old Suffolk Punch with a moustache ain’t no use for fancy riding Jill’s Gymkhana

54. People with hair like a badly thatched cottage are not fond of animals Jill Enjoys Her Ponies

55. Ann Derry once won the Best Dressed Rider class A Stable for Jill

56. It takes a good eye to win a potato race Jill Enjoys Her Ponies

57. Never put a damp red scarf anywhere near a white jumper Pony Jobs for Jill

58. Swinging a bucket when you have a gymkhana coming up is just asking for it Jill Enjoys Her Ponies

59. Peter is not a good name for a pony… Jill’s Riding Club

60. … and neither is La Blonde Jill’s Gymkhana

61. If you don’t bother a wasp, it won’t bother you Pony Jobs for Jill

62. The best Liquorice allsorts are the little black swiss rolls Jill’s Pony Trek

63. Wendy Mead’s Aunt Poppy was once the Dairy Queen of Britain Jill’s Pony Trek

64. Jack Heath keeps Colonel Llewellyn’s autograph wrapped in silver paper in a cigar box, and only shows it to special people Jill Enjoys Her Ponies

65. There are times when your goodness of heart will let you down Jill’s Riding Club

66. Never assume the person hogging the bathroom is who you think they are Jill’s Gymkhana

67. There is no such thing as bad luck, only bad judgement Jill’s Pony Trek

68. Gamoosh may be a made-up word Jill’s Riding Club

69. Grown-ups always seem to think you’re short of something to do in the summer holidays Jill Enjoys Her Ponies

70. It is frightfully bad form to wear your second-place rosette on your hair. Jill’s Riding Club

Photo by Unseen Studio on Unsplash


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