Did you ever wonder what happened at the end of Ruby Ferguson's Pony Jobs for Jill? Did Jill and Ann go off to that secretarial college, leaving their ponies behind as a hobby?

I always wondered whether Jill had meekly gone off and done the sensible thing. It seemed so unlikely, bearing in mind the Jill we'd all come to know and love in the earlier books of the series: the Jill who'd wanted to work at Captain Cholly-Sawcutt's, or be the matron of a jolly orphanage.

Jill in full-blown rebellion against her mother I couldn't quite imagine, but I could imagine Jill going off to secretarial college, but still being Jill, if you see what I mean. In my dim and distant past, I did go to a London secretarial college, which I don't think could have changed in decades. So I put Jill and Ann at that college, and then wondered what would happen if Jill's mother made an absent-minded mistake that would have terrible results for Jill.

Some reviews

Last night I finished reading your Jill and the Lost Ponies. I can honestly say that It is one of the best sequels I’ve read… I love the way you tie in previous events from the Jill books and the way you weave the various characters into the plot. I love the way Jill talks to the reader, the comments she makes and the language she uses, because they are all so “Jill-like” and feel authentic to such an extent that it really feels as if RF is actually writing it…

Thank you for a wonderful book.


I read Jill and the Lost Ponies, and it was brilliant, thank you! It completely brought Jill back. I haven't enjoyed anything that much for a long time.