Heroines on Horseback

Everything you ever wanted to know about the pony book – is Jill’s pony Black Boy? Or Danny Boy? Who wrote the first ever pony books? What unmentionable thing did Dick the Little Poney mention? Featuring the Pullein-Thompsons, Ruby Ferguson, Patricia Leitch, Monica Edwards, and many more, Heroines on Horseback will take you back into a world where running your own stable was entirely possible, and a pony of your own was just around the corner.


Expected this to be a little bit of a dry read but it was mostly a fantastic and a very engaging read. (Kat)

Great book. I really enjoyed reading it. There is so much work gone into producing it and it brings back such memories of all the pony books and authors I know and introduced me to some others. (Suki)

Excellent entertaining reference for anyone who loves horse stories. Very well written. (Amazon customer)