Marshall, Constance


I haven’t as yet been able to find any biographical information on Constance Marshall, but the search continues. Constance Marshall wasn’t a prolific illustrator of pony books. She mostly appeared to work on Blackie’s Carol Vaughan titles, though didn’t do her last book, King of the Castle, which was published in 1968.  She also illustrated at least the first two of Rosemary Manning’s popular Dragon books.

Finding the books
Most are relatively easy to find.

Links and sources
The British Library

Bibliography (pony books only)


Rosemary Garland: Donkey Boy
Hamish Hamilton, 1958

Patricia Leitch: A Pony of Our Own
Blackie, 1960

Catherine Harris: If Wishes Were Horses
Blackie, 1961

Carol Vaughan: Missing Matilda
Blackie, 1964

Carol Vaughan: Two Foals for Matilda
Blackie, 1965

Carol Vaughan: The Dancing Horse
Blackie, 1966

Carol Vaughan: Trekkers’ Trail
Blackie, 1967