Ivester Lloyd, Thomas

About the author

Thomas Ivester-Lloyd (1873–1942) was born in Liverpool. During World War I, he served with the Remount Service, in common with many other equine artists. He was later commissioned into the Royal Artillery. From childhood he hunted, and he became Master of the Sherington Foot Beagles. As well as his equine portraits, he illustrated some books. The pony books he illustrated were all written by his son, John Ivester-Lloyd. Thomas’ brother, Stanley Lloyd, was a more prolific illustrator of the pony book: the brothers both illustrated John Ivester-Lloyd’s The People of the Valley, which was published after Thomas Ivester-Lloyd’s death. There was another member of this prolific family: Delphine Ratcliff, the daughter of John Ivester-Lloyd. She wrote two pony books, as well as writing articles for the horsy press.

Carol Hewson, Thomas Ivester-Lloyd’s great grandaughter, said:

“It is said Tom Ivester Lloyd was as good an artist as Lionel Edwards. In fact at an auction in Ascot many years ago I saw one of my Great Grand Father’s pictures being sold as a Lionel Edwards. I pointed this out to the auctioneers, but they would not believe me! It came back to auction a few months later under Jack Ivester Lloyd! There was no mistaking his signature. Tom Ivester Lloyd wrote and illustrated a book on Hounds, a Huchinson book… he says in the foreword, “I am handier with a pencil or brush than a pen, and so my son has been roped in to help with the writing. I will cheerfully allow him to take full responsibility for any literary “bloomers”. I note there is a small self portrait of himself on page five.”

Finding the books
Hounds is reasonably easy to find. Joey is very common, and The People of the Valley is reasonably easy to find. Adventure of Two Young Riders can be tricky to track down, but is not usually expensive when it does turn up. Runaway Mike can be pricey with its dustjacket, but is not hard to find without.

Links and sources
Carol Hewson, great grand-daughter of Thomas Ivester-Lloyd, to whom many thanks!
A little biographical information on Thomas Ivester-Lloyd, and an example of one of his pictures
Thank you to Carol Hewson for giving me permission to use these images.



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