Stacey, Lyndon

About the author

Lyndon Stacey rides a motorbike and does dog agility (not at the same time). She has written a series of well-received thrillers based in the equine world, with backgrounds ranging from show jumping to the more conventional racing backgrounds used by most contemporary English writers who specialise in combining the horse and mystery. She has parted company with Hutchinson, who published her first books, and is now published by Severn House.

Finding the books
All still in print and widely available.

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Bibliography (horse books only)

Cut Throat

Hutchinson, London, 2002, 422 pp.
Arrow, London, 2003, pb, 599 pp.

Set in the show jumping world, Ross Wakelin, an American rider, finds when he arrives in
England that Oakley Manor yard is not all it seems. A winner of the Hickstead Derby is found dead in his stable, and Ross is drawn into the secrets at Oakley Manor.


Hutchinson, London, 2003, hb, 359 pp.
Arrow, London, pb, 2004, 487 pp.
Paragon, 2004, Large Print

Gideon Blake is an artist and animal behaviourist, who is faced with the challenge of his life when he is abducted from his home and forced to catch a dangerous stallion.


Hutchinson, London, 2004, 389 pp.
Paragon, 2004, Large Print
Arrow, London, 2005, pb

Lincoln Tremayne manages his father’s estate, and is determined to be part of the Three
Day Eventing British team and ride in the Olympics, when a vicious attack on a stable owner’s daughter marks the beginning of a chain of violent events.

Outside Chance

Hutchinson, London, 2005
Paragon, London, Large Print, 2006

Ben Copperfield is a freelance equine journalist. When he is told the favourite for the Cheltenham Gold Cup has been kidnapped, he follows the story up.

Six to One Against

Hutchinson, London, 2006, 344 pp.
Windsor, Bath, 2007, large print

Re-issed as Time to Pay
Arrow, London, 2007, pb, 440 pp.

Gideon Blake sees his old friend Damien Daniels murdered, shot out of the saddle. Although Gideon is able to provide information which leads to an arrest, there is far more to the murder than at first appears, and Gideon is drawn into a deeper mystery.

Murder in Mind

Hutchinson, London, 2007, 324 pp.
Arrow, London, 2008, pb, 420 pp.
Windsor, Bath, 2008, large print.

Sophie Bradford is found dead, and Jamie Mullin, her latest boyfriend, is the prime suspect. As Jamie spirals into self destruction, it is up to his friend Matt Shepherd to discover the truth.

No Going Back

Severn House, London, 2010, 216 pp.

Charlie Whelan was once a police dog handler: now he delivers animal feed. After he is called on to use his dog Taz to locate two missing girls, he is rapidly drawn into a mystery.