Ripley, Karen

About the author

Karen Ripley is an American author who has written the three-book Slow World series. Its heroine, Cassidy, can remember nothing about herself or where she came from, and the series tells of how, slowly, she begins to recover some idea of where she came from. The one thing she does know is that she did not come from the world in which she lives now. There is horse content in the series: Cassidy can communicate telepathically with her horse.

Finding the books
Easy to find secondhand.

Bibliography (horse books only)

The Persistence of Memory

Ballantine Books, New York, 1992, 425 pp.

Cassidy could communicate telepathically with her grey mare. She lived with people who could tell her nothing about her missing memory. Cassidy was plagued by a doubt: the world she lived in was not her world. As scraps of her memory began to return, she became more and more certain she was indeed from a different world.

The Warden of Horses

Dell Rey Books, New York, 1993, 247 pp.

Cassidy still couldn’t remember who she was or where she came from. Her one hope of restoring her memory and returning home lay with the Warden of Horses, but Cassidy had no idea how to find him. When she had to flee from the people who had taken her in, she went east.

The Alchemist of Time

Ballantine Books, New York, 1994, 470 pp.

The Warden has restored Cassidy’s memory of the place called The Slow World, but his main worry is the strange wraithlike creatures ravaging the countryside: creatures which are following Cassidy.