Osborne, Ben

About the author

Ben Osborne (b.1975) has self published a pair of books. He was educated at Cardiff University, and works as a racing journalist.

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Bibliography (horse books only)

The Hyperion Legacy

Troubador Publishing (Matador), Leicester, 2008, 248 pp.

Danny Rawlings is a former jockey has been accused of murdering his friend, stable lad Deano, and he is now a wanted man. Life does not improve when he discovers an inherited secret which could shake the racing industry to its foundations.

The Rule of Lazari

Troubador Publishing (Matador), Leicester, 2009, 225 pp.

Danny Rawlings is on the brink of financial ruin after he bought Silver Belle, thinking she could do much better with him. However, not only is he battling with this, he finds that the jockeys he rode with years back are being picked off one by one, and it is only a matter of time before the murderers reach him.