Nicholls, Derek

About the author

Derek Nicholls (b.1937) has written a series of historical novels based on the racing industry. It might well be that more of his stories have some equine content and could be included in this site. If you can help on that, or can provide some definitive biographical information about the author, please get in touch.

Finding the books
All are still readily available.


The Blue Riband

New English Library, London, 1989, 272 pp.
Coronet, London, 1990, pb

Edward Manning decides to leave his teaching post in Birmingham and join his grandfather training horses in Ireland.

With Magic in her Eyes

Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1990, 540 pp.
Coronet, London, 1991, pb, 564 pp.

I’m not certain how much horse content there is in this novel: it’s billed as the sequel to The Blue Riband, and is about Hawksworth, whose story the book follows.

Heirs to Adventure

Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1992, 566 pp.
Coronet, London, 1993, pb, 705 pp.

Bess Collier is an unlikely candidate to succeed Leander Hawksworth. She has grown up amongst the dramas of a racing stable.