Miles, Stella

About the author

Stella Miles was a British author, active in the 1950s and a competent writer of character-based whodunits. She wrote at least four murder mysteries, two of which (Murder at the Arab Stud and Saddled with Murder) have equestrian backgrounds. Whether the other books, Prescription for Murder and Murder Knows No Master have similar horsey backgrounds I do not know.

I have not as yet been able to find any biographical information on the author at all.

Finding the books
Neither book is impossible to find, but they aren’t hugely common. Pricing is very variable.

Links and sources
The British Library
None that I can find – if anyone has any information on the author, please let me know.


Murder at the Arab Stud

Herbert Jenkins, London, 1951, 196 pp

Catherine St Martyn owns and runs an Arab stud with her partner, Amanda. Amanda is about to get married to someone who can only be described as a spiv. It is obvious to all, except to Amanda, that he is after her money. Without Amanda’s input the stud might fail, but when she is found dead, no one is free from suspicion.

Saddled with Murder

Herbert Jenkins, London, 1953, 190 pp

Inspector Baxell is called from London to the country and a world of horses and racing when a body is found in a deserted London alley.