McCormac, Rory

About the author

Rory McCormac (Dr Maurice O’Scanaill) is a vet who lives in Connemara, Ireland. He has worked as a vet in Malta, and in the Sultanate of Oman. There he was head veterinarian in the Stud (Breeding) section of the Royal Stables, and also advised on wildlife programmes to preserve the rare white oryx and Arabian leopard.

His first literary work was compiling the cryptic crossword for Ireland’s TV Guide, and it took him some time to get round to writing. He is the author of the Frank Ransom series, in which a locum vet encounters skullduggery as he moves around Ireland. His books were published while he was abroad, though in 2002 he returned to Connemara, where he established a veterinary practice.

Finding the books
All are still in print.

Links and sources
Rory McCormac’s website (no longer appears to be live)

Bibliography (horse books only)

Playing Dead

Snapshot, London, 1993
Century, London, 1996, 306 pp.
Arrow, London, 1996, 306 pp.
Hawk Hill Publishing, 2009, 368 pp.

On Frank Sansom’s latest stint as a locum, the stallion Catamaran gets loose and has to be
destroyed. Frank took photographs of the horse on his first visit to it before it escaped, and certain parties start to show a sinister interest.


Arrow, London, 1998, 379 pp.

There is an oubreak of anthrax, and it seems to Frank Sansom highly unlikely that all the
outbreaks happened naturally. Then a horse has glanders – the first case in Ireland for a century. There is a blackmailer on the loose, and anthrax and glanders are only a few of the weapons in his arsenal.


Arrow, London, 2000, 341 pp.

Frank Samson’s cousin is found dead: Frank’s convinced it was not the overdose it seems to be. Frank starts to investigate Dave’s life, which leads him to a shadowy connection between Dave and an over-ambitious vet, Val Crowther.