Leland, Toni

About the author

Toni Leland is an American author, editor and gardener. She fell in love with horses at the age of eight, and managed to get one of her own when she was 12. She has worked as an advertising consultant to the equine industry, and now produces books and videos about horses. She is also a keen gardener, and contributes to a gardening website. She has written five adult horse novels, as well as two for children.

Finding the books
Still in print, but are pricey in the UK. Buying her titles as ebooks is the cheapest way of getting them in the UK.

Links and sources
Toni Leland’s website (no longer extant)


Kovak and Quaid
Double Exposure
Balancing Act
Unfinished Business

Bibliography (horse books only)

Christa Meets a Mini

Equine Graphics Pub, 2004, 64pp.

(Children’s story)

Christa meets miniature horses for the first time, and is determined to have one of her very own.

Christa Joins a Horse Club

Equine Graphics Pub, 2004, 74pp.

(Children’s story)

Christa Duncan is in love with miniature horses. Her parents allow her to join the Little Bits Horse Club, and both fun and trouble begin.

Hearts over Fences

Equine Graphics Pub, 2004, 249 pp. PB.

Romance is the last thing on Bethany Webb’s mind. She has a world-class training facility in
Highover Gate, but in the course of a day, her future is snatched out from under her. Then there is Brett Hall, whose one objective is to become national champion in Three Day Eventing….

Winning Ways

Equine Graphics Pub, 2004, 259 pp. PB.

Liz Barnett, an equine vet, is mourning the death of her father when she moves to California. She’s convinced an exciting new life awaits her, but she’s met with suspicion.

Gambling with the Enemy

Equine Graphics Pub, 2005, 268 pp. PB.

To Jessica Rayder and Faith Angelo, their Easton Ridge Equestrian Center is more than just a successful business – it is their dream come true, but then a series of events threaten disaster.

Deadly Heritage

Equine Graphics Pub, 2008, 280 pp. PB.

Kellie Sutton breeds horses: someone is stalking her, and the only person who can protect her is someone whose heart she broke 15 years ago. Kellie’s precious Quarter Horses are attacked, and it seems as if someone is out to destroy Kellie and everything she loves.

Rescue Me

Parallel Press, 2010, 284 pp.

Seattle socialite Julia Dorsey has everything, so it seems, including beautiful Morgan horses. However, her life is a nightmare of abuse and terror, and only an act of courage can save her.

Double Exposure


A champion show jumper is replaced by  a double, but the switch isn’t discovered for months.Ex-cop Kim Kovak thinks she’s moved past her terrifying past, but then a photo shoot catapultsher into a ring of horse thieves. Kim goes after the truth, as does private investigator Garrett Quaid,who is determined to expose an insurance scam. He doesn’t welcome what he sees as Kim’s meddling, particularly as she always seems to be one jump ahead of him.

Balancing Act


A Kovak and Quaid mystery. Kim Kovak is a well-known equine photographer. An assignment in Chicago involves an encounter with a runaway carriage horse, and Kim is catapulted into the news. There’s an epidemic sweeping through a local barn, and Krista is asked to help. Insurance fraud investigator Garrett Quaid is also in Chicago, and works with Kim again. This time, the working relationship is different.

Unfinished Business


Foals are dying of unknown causes at a large Arabian horse farm. Kovak and Quaid investigate.Kim gets into trouble, putting her partnership with Quaid in jeopardy. To make things morecomplicated, the unspoken attraction between them simmers to the surface, threatening to boilover.