Kinsolving, William

About the author

William Kinsolving was born in Brooklyn, and went to many schools as the family were relocated following his father, who was an Episcopal clergyman. Kinsolving studied at Stanford and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), after which he worked as an actor and director. While appearing in what he described as ‘a dreadful Broadway vehicle’ for Claudette Colbert, the thrill of acting began to pall, and he began writing plays. Nicholas Romanov was the first of some fifty screenplays.

Kinsolving began to write when he pitched an idea for a movie to Twentieth Century Fox, and suggested he write the accompanying novel. They agreed, and Born With The Century was the result.

As far as I know, his Bred to Win is his only novel involving horses. Publishers’ Weekly called the book “long on plot and short on subtlety”, and it is a whopper, at 612 pages long.

Finding the book
Easily available in the USA and UK.

Links and sources
Publishers’ Weekly
William Kinsolving’s website

Bibliography (horse books only)

Bred to win

Doubleday, New York, 1990, 612 pp.
Dell Books, New York, pb, 1990, 659 pp.
Knight (Brockhampton Press), Leicester, 1990, pb

Fifteen-year-old Annie Grebauer, a poor Kentucky girl, rescues a prize thoroughbred belonging to millionaire horse breeder Sam Cumberland from death. She runs away to New York, learns about racing, and then pings about the world. No matter what wealth or lovers she acquires, she still prefers mucking out to mink and limousines.