Hooton, Hannah

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Hannah Hooton was brought up in Zimbabwe, but now lives in Norwich. She has been involved with horses and the racing industry all her life. She said the only reason she missed the 2010 Grand National was because a friend was getting married then. Her family know not to invite her to anything during Royal Ascot and Cheltenham Festival weeks.

Unsurprisingly, her equine romances have thoroughly authentic racing backgrounds. I am not normally a romance reader, but I have enjoyed her stories. Hannah Hooton is a good observer of character, and although there are no surprises in the plots, that is half the attraction of genre fiction: it’s the getting there that counts.

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at long odds

Aspen Valley Books, 2012

Also available in ebook format

Ginny Kennedy returns home to Newmarket: the family’s racing stable is in need of work, to say the least, and Ginny is determined to win the coveted Dewhurst Stakes at the end of the season. Not only does she have to cope with being a woman in a man’s world, she has to cope with her next door neighbour, rival trainer Julien Larocque. When her world takes a sinister turn, Ginny must decide who she can and cannot trust.

Keeping the Peace

Aspen Valley Books, 2012, 378 pp.

Also available in ebook format

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London girl Pippa drives into the country to explore her inheritance from her uncle: two racehorses and a cottage. They are, all of them, more or less useless, and Pippa decides to sell the lot. She’s not interested in the tall, dark, offhand trainer, Jack Carmichael. Of course she’s not. She has a perfectly good boyfriend: that is if you count a selfish, social climbing “resting” actor as a perfectly
good boyfriend.

Giving Chase

Aspen Valley Books, 2014, 344 pp.

There has only ever been one man in Frankie’s life: her father, Doug Cooper. That is, until she becomes a jockey at Aspen. Here, she crosses paths with star rider, Rhys Bradford. Her crush on him would be made so much simpler if they didn’t both have their hearts set on the same prize: the coveted ride on Grand National favourite, Peace Offering. Frankie’s on a journey of self-discovery that takes in Britain’s fiercest steeplechase courses. Love will prove her costliest
stumbling point.

Share and Share Alike

Aspen Valley Books, 2014

Tessa buys a share in a racehorse syndicate with problems. The perfect distraction, she thinks. But her relationships with the rest of the syndicate aren’t enough when their horse, Ta’ Qali, is deliberately injured. Someone close is responsible.