Eagle, Kathleen

About the author

Kathleen Eagle is a writer of romances. Born in Virginia, and raised “an Air Force brat”, she was educated at Mount Holyoke College and Northern State University. She taught for 17 years, and is the author of over 40 novels. Her first, in 1984, was a Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award winner. At least two of her books have a horsey theme: it’s quite possible there are more.

Finding the books
Easy to find: both appear to be obtainable new on both sides of the Atlantic, and there are plenty available secondhand.

Links and sources
Kathleen Eagle’s website
Kathleen Eagle contributed to this blog, Riding With The Top Down

Bibliography (horse books only)

Ride a Painted Pony

MIRA Books, Don Mills, Ontario, 2006, 314 pp.
Mira Books, 2007, pb.

Nick Red Shield, who is Sioux, comes across an injured white woman in the bushes. He thinks he’s responsible, and offers her shelter. The woman is travelling under an assumed name, as her son has been kidnapped by his father. The woman, Lauren, turns out to be a former jockey; she and Nick fall in love, and Lauren starts to work his new paint horse, True Colors. However, Lauren still has a mission: to find her son.

Mystic Horseman

MIRA Books, Don Mills, Ontario, 2008, 344 pp.

Dillon Black Bear, a Lakota, gets his ranch a reality TV makeover after his ex wife convinces the programme’s producer, Ella Champion, that the ranch would make a project. The ranch does indeed need a makeover before the summer programme which brings horses into the lives of local Native Americans. All this gives Dillon an opportunity to forge a new love….