Barstow, Phyllida

About the author

Phyllida Barstow (b.1937) was one of five children, and spent her childhood on a farm in Radnorshire. She has worked as a columnist for the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail, and has written 15 novels, as well as several non fiction works, including My Animals (And Other Family), the story of her childhood, during which boarding school figured as a rest cure when set against the rigours of working on her mother’s farm in wartime.

Finding the book
Not in print. Not necessarily the easiest of books to find, but cheap when it does appear.

Links and sources
Phyllida Barstow on Merlin Unwin (link no longer works)

Bibliography (horse books only)

Double Cross Country

Futura, London, 1979, 224 pp.

Tina Prothero finds herself “driving for her life and the Russian frontier with a lorry full of horses, a Russian defector who is holding her to ransom – and hidden beneath the straw the body of a dead man.”  Set against a background of Three Day Eventing.