Anthony, Evelyn

About the author

Evelyn Anthony (1926–2018) is a pseudonym used by Evelyn Ward Thomas. She was educated largely at home, and started writing in 1949, after she married. She became well known for her historical novels, and then switched to writing thrillers and crime fiction. One of her books, at least, has a horsey background: The Silver Falcon.  

Finding the book
No longer in print, but there are plenty of copies around in both the UK and USA.

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Wikipedia on Evelyn Anthony

Bibliography (horse books only)

The Silver Falcon

Hutchinson, London, 1977, 303 pp.
Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, New York, 1977, 349 pp.
NEL, 1978, pb
Arrow Books, 1988, pb

The Silver Falcon is the colt Isabel wants to enter in the English Derby: it was her husband’s deathbed wish, but Falcon is a difficult horse, and Isabel has unseen enemies, and doesn’t know who to trust. Isabel learns a stable boy has been crippled in The Falcon’s stable, and there are two murders to cope with too.