Night Storm the Flat-Racer

Ann and Jim have bred a wonderful black colt who looks as if he could be a Classic winner. But nothing is straightforward: Night Storm has a furious temper and is difficult to ride. There are questions about whether he'll ever get as far as a racecourse, let alone race. And once he does race, there are people around who want to stop Night Storm in his tracks.

Part of the 1960s Leysham Stud series, where a couple fight to establish a prize-winning stud.

Originally published: 1966

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I read this some years ago and then liked it the least of the Leysham Stud series. However having read it now as an adult I like it much more. The characters are interesting (perhaps a little stereotypical?) and the horses are fabulous.The plot works and is well paced. There's also a lot of information given throughout. Overall I liked this book much better this time around. (Dawn)