Dido and Rogue

Will Rogue be the one horse for whom Ann and Jim have to admit defeat?

Ann and Jim Henderson have bred two very different horses. Sweet-tempered Dido can turn on a sixpence and brake alarmingly fast: all very useful for a polo pony. But Rogue is different. He has been difficult since birth, and the older he grows, the more menacing he becomes. His very survival depends on whether Ann and Jim can find the key to him.

Originally published: 1967

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When I read this many years ago it was one of my favourites of the Leysham Stud series. Republished by Jane Badger Books so rereading it today I still enjoyed it. The characters are consistent though maybe a little stereotypical. The horses are terrific . Dido is sweet and clever though Rogue is a nightmare. He is dealt with very strongly! (wouldn't be recommended management nowadays but this book is of its time) The storyline is interesting. A good book I think. (Dawn)