Darius the Eventer

Ann has a talented horse with a problem. And someone from her past hellbent on revenge.

A glimpse into the horse world of the 1960s. Ann and Jim Henderson breed horses, and one of their horses has a problem: he can’t concentrate. Darius comes to a complete halt until he’s satisfied he knows what’s going on: not ideal when you’re trying to get a horse ready for the Badminton three day event.

But even Darius pales into the horizon when Ann’s beloved first horse, Pilot, is desperately ill.

Horses aren’t the only problem for the Hendersons. Pat O Hara’s father blames Ann for his imprisonment, and when he escapes, he’s hellbent on revenge.

Can Ann defeat tragedy, Darius and O’Hara and enter Badminton?.

Originally published: 196?

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I liked this book – a good read and recommend it to all horse lovers but not under the age of 14 years. It is quite sad in one part. (Maria)