Toresen, Eli B

About the author

Eli B Toresen is the international editor in chief for Stabenfeldt’s Pony Club division, based in Norway. She spends half her week working as an editor, and the rest writing her own books. Her output is pretty phenomenal: she writes four books a year. I would guess that not all of them are translated into English.

She has written several books that have just appeared as CDs. 

Finding the books
No Stabenfeldt titles were published in the UK, but some copies have been imported and are usually available fairly cheaply here. Alternatively, you can try American sites, or, where bundles of titles tend to come up fairly often.

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An interview with Eli B Toresen


The Dangerous Summer Series

Dangerous Summer 1
Dangerous Summer 2
Dangerous Summer 3

Bibliography (pony books only)

Echo from the Past

Stabenfeldt, 2004

“A horse, long thought gone, suddenly reappears and forever changes the fate of two friends… “

Trouble at the Riding Camp

Stabenfeldt, 2004

Dangerous Summer

In two parts:
1.  The Arsonist
2.  Without Scruples
Stabenfeldt, 2005, trans Osa K. Bondhus. 154 pp.

The Arsonist:  there’s an arsonist at large, closing in on the family stud farm.

Without Scruples:  Eva and Rachel are back together, and this time they hope nothing will ruin their holiday. However, there are burglaries and assaults in the town, and the girls are dragged into the whole scary situation.

Dangerous Summer 2

In two parts:
1.  What the Forest was Hiding
2.  The Thief
Stabenfeldt, 2006, trans Osa K. Bondhus. 151 pp.

What the Forest was Hiding:  Heather sees a man burying a big package in the woods, and she thinks itc ontains a body, but when the police dig it up, they find just a bag filled with rubbish.  No one believes her…

The Thief: Money is disappearing at the stables, and everything points at Justin, of whom Heather is more than fond.

Dangerous Summer 3

In two parts:
1.  A Question of Alibi
2.  A Question of Revenge
Stabenfeldt, 2007

“Our favorite annual mystery series – two great stories in one big book! Rachel and Bethany always plan to havequiet summer vacations with lots of horseback riding, but then… robberies, prison breaks, and threats to their horses have them heading straight for trouble!”


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