Stehn, Malin

About the author

Swedish author Malin Stehn (b.1969) lives on the outskirts of Malmo, and writes pony books for the Stabenfeldt imprint. Whilst at school she wrote music reviews for a local paper, and once she left university, she managed to get a job in a publishing house, where she became an editor of children’s books. She started her literary career with the six-book Starlight series, about four girls who form a band. She has also written a series about football.

Her Humleby Farm series so far numbers five books, though not all have yet been translated into English. She hasn’t had the conventional pony-mad girl lead in to writing for the horsy market: as a child she was scared of horses, and only really got to know them after she moved to her present house and two horses jumped into her garden. Her daughter rides, and she has ridden occasionally. Her books feature trotting, a popular equine sport in Sweden. Whilst writing the Humleby books, she had a lot of help from one of Sweden’s largest trotting stables, which happens to be one of her neighbours.

Finding the books
The one English language version is reasonably easy to find in both hardback and paperback.

Links and sources
An interview with Malin Stehn
Malin Stehn’s website


You and Me Speedy

Originally published as Du och jag, Speedy
Stabenfeldt, 2008

Sophie’s family have lived in London for 10 years, but now they’re moving back to Sweden. Sophie is not at all happy about this. She’s afraid of horses, and their new Swedish home has more horses than people. Sophie misses her best friend in London, and then to make matters worse, her parents arrange a summer job for her at the stables.

Måste Sofie välja?

(Will Sofie Have to Choose?)
Stabenfeldt, 2008

Sophie has started to get used to life in Sweden, helped by the horse SpeedyLegend, for whom she feels an affinity. Sophie still misses her best friend Jojo,but she’s hearing less and less from her. Has Jojo been put off Sophie by thehorses, and must Sophie chose between them?

Vilket hästjobb!

Stabenfeldt, 2009

Sophie doesn’t like her new school, but she’s enjoying her job at the stables. Then her favouritehorse becomes lame, and Sophie has two new horses to look after.

Häst till salu

Stabenfeldt, 2009

Sophie is enjoying her job working at the weekends in the stables, and taking care of her neighbour’s two horses in between. However, her favourite horse is still lame, and one daySophie overhears a conversation which makes her very worried indeed.

Inkräktare i stallet

Stabenfeldt, 2010

It’s the Christmas holidays, and Sophie is at last visited by her best friend Jojo. She introducesJojo to the horses, and everything seems to be going well, but then a series of horrible eventsrock Sophie’s world.