Spang, Günter

About the author

Günter Spang (1926–2011) was a German author best known for his children’s books, some of which have been translated into English. Spang was born in Mannheim, and after returning from wartime captivity with the Soviets, was educated at Heidelberg University. One of his books, The Horse in the Hotel is a horse story delving into the fantastic. A horse in a hotel was a theme that seems unique to European authors: Swede Gunnel Linde’s Pony in the Luggage used the same idea.

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Bibliography (horse books only)

The Horse in the Hotel

Abelard-Schuman, New York & London, 1963, 175 pp, trans Eileen Rapoport, illus Anton Heinen

Stefan is a stable boy. He’s given a two-week holiday for two at a coastal resort by his boss. Stefan insists on taking Miranda, one of the brewery horses, along with him.