Oljelund, Thea

About the author

Thea Oljelund (1921–2012) was a Swedish writer who wrote a pony book for the Stabenfeldt imprint. She has written very much more in her native Swedish, but nothing as yet that has been translated into English.

She was a feisty child who was bullied at school, and left early. Her father’s library provided much fodder for her. She read his copies of Ulysses, The Three Musketeers and Strindberg amongst much else: in the 1920s there were not many children’s books available in Swedish. Her early efforts in writing were on her father’s typewriter; they bore fruit, as she worked as a journalist. For 40 years she worked with the Åhlén och Åkerlands Press. She wrote around 70 books: crime books for the adult market as well as many children’s books. Her longest series is the 24-book Pirkko series, which is about horses. As far as I am aware, Summer with Prince is part of a four-book series, only one of which has been translated into English.

Finding the book
Very tricky to find in the UK, but widely available in the USA.

Links and sources
Thea Oljelund’s website, managed by her son
Thea Oljelund on Wikipedia

Bibliography (pony books only)

Summer with Prince

Stabenfeldt, 2007, pb

Lisa has moved out of the city into the country with her parents. She knows no one, and it looks as if she’s going to have a long, boring summer. Her parents are too busy to notice that she has no one to talk to, and forget about her suggestion that she learn to ride. They are scared of horses, and can’t see why she likes them. Then Stella moves in next door: she has a secret, as well as a wonderful horse, so wonderful it is almost as if he can read Lisa’s mind. She’s happy,for the moment at least.