Hartenstein, Elisabeth

About the author

Elisabeth Hartenstein was a German author who specialised in historical stories. She wrote several books about Alexander the Great, as well as a book set during the Chinese Yuan Dynasty, and the one horse title of hers that has been translated into English: Firelight the Red Stallion (Der Rote Hengst). This is set during the period of the last great Ice Age, and is about Cromagnon man, and his relationship with the horse. Elisabeth Hartenstein said:

“For a long time Cromagnon man has been my particular interest. In this book I have tried to bring him to life. I have had to use logic and deduction to fill the gaps where evidence of certain aspects of Upper Palaeolithic life was lacking. But even if we can only say ‘This is what it may have been like’ instead of ‘This is what it must have been like,’ the story is surely worth telling.”

Other titles
Goldenes Pferd für Yüan
(The Golden Horse of the Yuan)
Prisma-Verlag Zenner & Gurchott, Leipzig, 1970

Mit dem Pferd durch die Jahrtausende
(With the Horse through the Millennia)

Finding the book
The English translation in hardback is not particularly easy to find, and can be very expensive. The Australian paperback tends to be more reasonably priced when it does turn up, but it is not common.

Firelight the Red Stallion, Australian edition, introduction.

Bibliography (pony book only)

Firelight the Red Stallion

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