Callan, Michael Feeny

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Michael Feeney Callan has written several biographies, including one on Sir Anthony Hopkins. He is on the advisory board of Irish Film American. He has written 15 books, writes for the BBC and ITV, directs and paints. Jockey School was based on the television series written by Alan Janes, and starring Dana Humphries. Billy is determined to prove she is as good as the stable lads at Rectory Training Stables; not only does she want to be as good as them, she wants to be a jockey.

The book, although now out of print, is easy to find.

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Bibliography (pony books only)

Jockey School

British Broadcasting Corporation, London, 1982, 143 pp.  Cover photograph Peter Lester.
Brockhampton/BBC, 1982, pb

Billy is determined to prove she can be as good a stable lad as any of the boys: and an even better  jockey.