Anckarsvärd, Karin

About the author

Karin Anckarsvärd (1915–69 ) is a Swedish author, who wrote widely for children after training as a secretary. Her books are not widely available in the UK:  she seems to have been much more widely translated and published in the USA. She won the Nils Holgersson prize in 1964 for her book The Doctor’s Boy.  Her one pony book, Rider by Night, was imported into the UK by Scholastic.

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Harcourt, Brace & Company, New York, 1960, trans Annabelle MacMillan, 192 pp.
Scholastic, New York, pb, 1971, illus Charles W Walker, 192 pp.

Jenny is lucky.  Her uncle has offered her a horse for her very own from his stud.  And Jenny decides on Rascal, the bay Thoroughbred mare-cross mare with the wide eyes and lovely conformation. She is the only teenager at her local riding school to have a horse of her own, and when it soon becomes clear that Rascal is probably one of the if not THE best horse in the stable, Jenny has to contend with jealousy as well as her enjoyment of having and riding Rascal.  However, it isn’t until Rascal starts showing some peculiar habits that Jenny realises that not all is as it should be.  In one final night matters come to a head and her questions are all answered – but not necessarily in the way she thought they would.