Adam, Gabi

About the author

Gabi Adam is a German author, who contributes to the Stabenfeldt Pony Club series. She was born in Southern Germany, and still lives there.  Her main contribution to Stabenfeldt has been the epic Diablo series, about Diablo and his rider, Ricki. So far, I have been able to track down 18 titles. The title of the eighteenth, Goodbye Diablo suggests that that might be that as far as Diablo is concerned. The order to the right is speculative: I don’t have all the titles so have had to guess at the order.

Finding the books
No Stabenfeldt titles were published in the UK, but some copies have been imported and are usually available fairly cheaply here. Alternatively, you can try American sites, or, where bundles of titles tend to come up fairly often.

Links and sources
An interview with Gabi Adam (no longer extant)


The Diablo series

Diablo – My Dream Horse (2002)
Worried About Diablo (2004)
A New Home for Diablo (2004)
Diablo to the Rescue (2004)
Diablo – Hero of the Night (2005)
Diablo – A Day Like Any Other (2005)
Diablo’s Double (2005)
Last Chance for Golden Star (2005)
Diablo – the Bequest (2006)
Diablo – The Secret of Echo Lake (2006)
Diablo – Race Against Time (2006)
Diablo – The Test of Courage (2007)
Diablo – Freed from Fear (2007)
Diablo – The New Girl (2008)Diablo – Days of Darkness (2008)
Diablo – Trouble at Mercy Ranch (2009)
Diablo – In the Valley of Tears (2009)
Goodbye Diablo (2010)


Diablo, my dream horse

Stabenfeldt, 2002, (Diabolo, Pferd meiner Träume, trans Barclay House Publishing). 151 pp.

Diablo is being seriously mistreated by his owner, and that is the only thing Ricki can think of.  Ricki’s mother bans her from the stables, and Ricki is devastated.

Worried About Diablo

Stabenfeldt, 2004, (Sorge um Diabolo, trans Barclay House Publishing). 151 pp.

“Someone is out to hurt Ricki… And what better way to do this than through her beloved Diablo?  Ricky is out riding with her friends, when a horrible sound, like a shrill siren, fills the air…..”

A New Home for Diablo

Stabenfeldt, 2004, (Neue Heimat für Diabolo, trans Barclay House Publishing). 150 pp.

“Thirteen-year-old Ricki is happy. Her parents have just decided to move to the countryside. But before relocation can take place, disaster strikes. The only eyewitness is Chico and naturally, he can’t tell what happened, so Ricki and her friends start a desperate search. Will they ever see their beloved horses again?”

Diablo to the Rescue

Stabenfeldt, 2005

“Ricki is in deep trouble, but she knows that her favorite horse will come to her aid… if he can reach her in time!”

Diablo – Hero of the Night

Stabenfeldt, 2005 (Held der Nacht, trans Barclay House Publishing).  152 pp.

During a violent thunderstorm Kevin’s horse bolts, and seconds later horse and rider have both disappeared. Ricki starts an intense search for her friend.

Diablo – A Day Like Any Other

Stabenfeldt, 2005

“Ricki can hardly believe it. She’s finally fourteen! But then everything turns out completely different from what she had imagined it would be. It’s bad enough that she doesn’t get any presents, and that no one seems particularly interested in her birthday. And as if that weren’t enough, her friend Cathy becomes seriously ill when they are out riding, and Ricki herself winds up in the emergency room. Even the surprise party her friends had planned for her ends up being a big bust. Ricki is convinced that this day is the worst day of her life, and she wishes that she’d never turned fourteen.”

Diablo’s Double

Stabenfeldt, 2005 (Dem Doppelgänger auf der Spur, trans Barclay House Publishing). 152 pp.

Ricki and her best friends are back at the fabulous Highland Farms Estate – but they have a shock when they meet their most prized stallion, Garibaldi, as he looks exactly like Diablo!

Last Chance for Golden Star

Stabenfeldt, 2005

“Ricki and her friends think a long weekend at a fabulous horse estate is going to be the trip of their lives. They’re right, of course. Just not at all in a way any of them expects.”

Diablo – The Bequest

Stabenfeldt, 2006 (Das Vermächtnis, trans Barclay House Publishing).  150 pp.

The Western Riding Club could have been so much fun if only Ricki’s boyfriend hadn’t been jealous.

Diablo – The Secret of Echo Lake

Stabenfeldt, 2006 (Das Geheimnis vom Espensee, trans Barclay House Publishing).  151 pp.

There is something bobbing in the middle of Echo Lake, and it may hold the key to the mysterious events that have been going on in the area.

Diablo – Race Against Time

Stabenfeldt, 2006

Will the Grand Opening of the  Riding Academy be a celebration… or funeral? Ricki and her friends decide to help their friend Maggie, by showing Maggie’s dad that her horse isn’t dangerous. But when the gentle Giaccomo throws his rider in a freak accident, guess who freaks out? While Maggie lies in a hospital bed, her father hires a vet to put her horse down. Now it’s up to Ricki and her friends – and they’ll race all over town to save him if they have to!

Diablo – The Test of Courage

Stabenfeldt, 2007

“It’s winter vacation and Carlotta’s Mercy Ranch for horses has opened! Young guests are arriving and Ricki and her friends have been invited to spend one week there with their horses, helping out. But soon, there’s trouble: twelve-year-old Caitlin, angry over the death of her mother, alienates the other guests and then runs away just as a snowstorm hits. Lina, one of the helpers at the ranch, is crazy about Diablo and dreams of riding him – with or without Ricki’s permission. And that leads to a dangerous incident…”

Diablo – Freed from Fear

Stabenfeldt, 2007

“Since her horseback riding accident, Cathy has been seized with a paralyzing fear of horses. She can’t even bear to look at a photo of her beautiful Rashid! What can Ricki, Kevin and Lillian do to help their friend – and how can they let her know that Cheryl is just a replacement rider for Cathy’s lonely dun horse… and not a replacement friend?”

Diablo – The New Girl

Stabenfeldt, 2008

“Beth’s dad sells her horse, Rondo, and then moves their family to a new town. Things can’t seem to get any worse. But when Beth meets Ricki and her friends, things seem to brighten. That is, until they learn that a land developer is putting pressure on their local stables to sell their land and horses.  Little do they all know that the developer is… Beth’s dad!”

Diablo – Days of Darkness

Stabenfeldt 2008

 “A riding accident on her beloved Diablo causes Ricki to suddenly go blind.  There are so many unanswered questions … how did her blindness occur? Will she ever be able to see again? How will Kevin, her boyfriend, react? Will her mother let her ride Diablo ever again?”

Diablo – Trouble at Mercy Ranch

Original title:  Diabolo – Trouble of der Mercy-Ranch
Stabenfeldt, New York, 2008, 151 pp.  Cover photo Bob Langrish

“Ricki’s friend Beth has a crush on their new classmate Logan, who just moved to town from New York City. When stories start flying that Logan has a reputation as a troublemaker, Ricki takes an instant dislike to him. Not even the fact that he owns his own horse can convince her that he’s a good person at heart who’s trying to put his past behind him. One day as she’s out for a ride on Diablo, Ricki even sees Logan hit his horse! Then bad things start happening at Mercy Ranch, and Ricki’s friend Cathy gets blamed!”

Diablo – In the Valley of Tears

Original title:  Diabolo – Im Tal der Tränen
Stabenfeldt , New York, 2009, 152 pp.  Cover photo Bob Langrish.

Times are tough at the ranch, and Carlotta has to sell a few horses, starting with a Shire mare, Sheila. This will break Cheryl’s heart, and sets off a chain reaction of events that rocks the stables.  

Goodbye Diablo

Original title:  
Stabenfeldt , New York, 2010,

Diablo’s former owner has been released from prison, and wants revenge on those who put him there.