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Caroline Akrill

Caroline Akrill: I'd Rather Not Gallop

Caroline Akrill: If I Could Ride

Jane Badger: Heroines on Horseback

Jane Badger: Jill & The Lost Ponies

Victoria Eveleigh: Midnight on Lundy

Patricia Leitch: Horse from Black Loch

Patricia Leitch: Dream of Fair Horses

Hazel M Peel: Darius the Eventer (Gay Darius)

Diana Pullein-Thompson: I Wanted a Pony

Diana Pullein-Thompson: Three Ponies & Shannan

Diana Pullein-Thompson: A Pony to School

Josephine Pullein-Thompson: Six Ponies

Josephine Pullein-Thompson: Pony Club Team

Josephine Pullein-Thompson: The Radney Riding Club

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Patience McElwee

Match Pair (September)
The Merrythoughts
Dark Horse

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