Ponies in the Valley

Sandy and Fergie are used to their suburban life in Sonnywood. As one of their neighbours says, 'You can't do better than Sonnywood.' They like their schools, and they have plenty to do, including riding, although there is no chance of owning a pony of their own.

But then Sandy and Fergie's father is made redundant. Under the stress, he has a heart attack, and the family decide to move somewhere completely different: a small farm in the Shropshire hills. The matter of how the family are going to survive is still not sorted out, but nevertheless, the children are bought a pony.

They swiftly find out having a pony of your own is very, very different from riding one for an hour a week whom you simply hand back to the stables when you finish. And they also find out that getting on the wrong side of the local children is not a good idea. But help is at hand, and despite some major surprises from Mimosa, their pony, the Hamiltons adjust to their new life, until one day when they discover that their pony is gone, along with their new cattle.

Originally published: 1976 (an Armada original)

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