Three Ponies and Shannan

Diana Pullein-Thompson’s classic 1940s pony story looks at the poor-but-noble heroine and the rich-girl-villain, and turns the stereotypes on their heads.

Christina has everything – beautiful ponies, a lovely house, and a groom to look after her beautiful ponies. But Christina has just moved into the lovely house, and the family that lived there before didn’t want to leave. Christina has no friends, and her attempts to make some go disastrously wrong. Together with her Irish wolfhound, Shannan, Christina then goes to a local riding camp, and life changes.

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I Wanted a Pony

Three Ponies and Shannan

A Pony to School


I snapped this title up, devoured it in a morning – and I loved every second of reading it. It’s a pony tale with a difference, in that our heroine isn’t the plucky girl from a down-on-their luck family, but instead comes from a rich home with everything handed to her on a plate. Thankfully, Christina is wise enough to recognise this, and knows that money can’t buy her the friendship she craves. With the help of a summer holiday riding camp, she sets out on a series of adventures and misadventures, and learns quite a bit about herself.

It’s a brilliant story, the characters are fantastic. Highly recommended! (Nicky)