I Wanted a Pony

The classic 1940s story of a girl who wants a pony.
Augusta goes to stay with her three superior cousins. Jill, Barbara and Stephen don’t think much of Augusta, and they let her know it. They think she’s peculiar. And not only that, she is a terrible rider. The cousins have three ponies, but Augusta is never allowed to ride them. Augusta, it is fair to say, dislikes her cousins just as much as they dislike her. Odd she may be, but Augusta is brave and resourceful and that means that one day she is standing at a local horse sale, ready to bid for a pony of her own.

First published in 1946, I Wanted a Pony was Diana Pullein-Thompson’s first solo novel.

The paperback has the original Anne Bullen cover and illustrations; the eBook is not illustrated.

In this series:

Three Ponies and Shannan

A Pony to School


Delighted that this classic pony book is now available on kindle. I loved it as a child but my original is long gone and second hand copies are either fragile paperbacks or often expensive early hardback editions. I really enjoyed my reread and hope that this version will also introduce a new generation to where children had no technology but a lot more freedom.  (AMR)

So pleased to have this on my kindle loved this book as a child lovely to be able to read it again all these years later. (B)