A Pony to School

A reissue of the classic 1950s pony story where two girls take on Clown, a pony who needs schooling, and find that his owner hasn’t been entirely honest about the pony’s little problems. Skewbald Clown looks like the perfect pony, and at first everything goes well. And then the girls ask Clown to do something he doesn’t want to do …

The paperback has the original Anne Bullen cover and illustrations; the eBook is not illustrated.

In this series

I Wanted a Pony

Three Ponies and Shannan

A Pony to School


Serious nostalgia from a legendary writer of pony stories. (Lucy)

Jane Badger Books have reissued this series and I'm so glad they did because it's a thoroughly good read from the gorgeous covers on all three to the info bits at the end. (Dawn)