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  • Villians in the Jill books

    Villians in the Jill books

    Here’s another quiz for you to try out. Loading…

  • Is your Jill a first edition?

    Is your Jill a first edition?

    What is a first edition? A true first edition is the very first edition of the book. In the case of Jill’s Gymkhana, it is an edition published in 1949. The only date that should show on the copyright page is 1949, with no other editions or impressions listed. What is an impression? If someone…

  • Jill quiz – the answers

    Jill quiz – the answers

    1. If you ever see a mauve-coloured pony loose in the New Forest, it is probably Happy Dawn Pony Jobs for Jill 2. Tschiffely’s Ride is a book you ought to read Jill Has Two Ponies 3. An ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory Jill Enjoys Her Ponies 4. A double show…

  • Caney


    About The original illustrations for the first Hodder and Stoughton printings of the Jill books were done by Caney, about whom information is extremely difficult to find. In some British Library records, Caney’s initials are given as C E, and the R M Ballantyne record gives the name as Clifford, so I am assuming this…

  • The big Jill quiz

    The big Jill quiz

    Bored? Think you know Ruby Ferguson’s Jill books? Try this quiz.

  • Was Jill’s pony black or piebald?

    Was Jill’s pony black or piebald?

    And what was his name? When Jill fans get together, there is one topic that always exercises them. Was Jill’s pony, Black Boy, black, or was he piebald, and was his name Black Boy or Danny Boy? The answer is ‘both’, and that it depends on what edition of the books you read. The original…

  • The Jill books ride again

    The Jill books ride again

    One of the questions I used to get asked quite often as a publisher of classic pony books was, ‘Why aren’t the Jill books available?’ The last time the Jill books were in print was when Fidra Books managed to license the rights in the 2010s, and printed the first few of the series. And…

  • Jill: the Reading Order Question

    Jill: the Reading Order Question

    If you have a set of the paperback Jill books, and you’ve been busy replacing them with the hardback versions, you might have noticed that the reading order is different in the original hardbacks. The original publication and reading order of the Jill books is: The Knight paperbacks have altered this reading order. In the…