Category: South African authors

  • Stander, Siegfried

    Stander, Siegfried

    About the author Siegfried Stander was born in South Africa. He was an author and journalist, who wrote crime novels and political thrillers, and collaborated on several books with heart surgeon Christiaan Barnard.  He also wrote a stark and unsettling horse story, set in Africa. The Horse is definitely not a children’s book, and is…

  • Milner, Mordaunt

    Milner, Mordaunt

    About the author Sir Mordaunt Milner lived in South Africa. He was an acknowledged expert on the breeding of the Thoroughbred, and had two books published by equestrian publishers J A Allen on the subject: Thoroughbred Breeding (1987) and The Godolphin Arabian (1990). He bred horses himself. He bought the Natte Valleij Farm in Paarl,…

  • Jermieson, Allan

    Jermieson, Allan

    About the author Allan Jermieson is a rare thing: a South African author of horse stories. He won the Amstel Playwright of the year in 1989 for his play Disputed Barricades. I’ve not yet been able to turn up any substantial biographical information about him. I believe The Delmonico Two O Five is about a stablehand, but haven’t…